Phone Dial by PC

Phone Dial by PC 1.14

Mark phone numbers within any application and dial directly via PC.


  • Highlight a phone number within any application and dial directly by hotkeys via PC.
  • Dialling a phone number via clipboard.
  • Answering and terminating an incoming call by hotkeys.
  • Dial a phone number or name directly by Skype™ if installed.


    Mark phone numbers within any application and dial directly via PC.

    Phone Dial by PC enables direct dialling of phone numbers by hotkeys via PC. Phone numbers can be marked with the mouse within different applications such as electronic agendas, websites, email messages, Word documents or Excel spreadsheets etc. and can be dialled directly by an individual defined hotkey (shortcut). The software Phone Dial by PC can operate a phone that is using the serial interface RS-232 connected to the PC com port. In case the phone has no serial interface, the commands can be executed by a parallel-connected modem.

    Besides dialling phone numbers by hotkeys also phone calls can be answered. Phone Dial by PC provides at any time a continuous updated list of the ten last dialled phone numbers for redial. Different telephone switchboards require an additional dialling code before the phone number in order to get an external line. This prefixing of an additional number for an external line can be automated in the settings of Phone Dial by PC. The same goes for national and international dialling codes.

    Phone numbers stated within any application can be dialed and redialed by customizable hotkeys via PC. The last 10 numbers are available for redialing.

    Phone Dial by PC is meant for all people who want to save time when making phone calls and do not want to dial or redial phone numbers manually anymore.

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    Phone Dial by PC


    Phone Dial by PC 1.14

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